“Springing forward” seems like it would be the worst! We will be loosing a whole hour of sleep the morning of 12 March. While loosing sleep is awful the best part of springing forward is how much more daylight we will have in the evenings. I don’t know about you but currently when I leave work the sun is setting….. I’m ready for that to be over.

We have come up with 6 super fun things to do at Tyndall now that your daylight hours will be longer after work.

6. Walk on the beach
5. Take your kids to the park
4. Play Volleyball
3. Fishing
2. Pontoon
1. Kayak around the bay

Now that you have this fantastic list go out and do it all!

If you don’t have the equipment to do these super awesome things don’t worry, Bonita Bay Outdoor Rec has you covered. They have the fun stuff and equipment to keep you outdoors longer. Go by or call them at 850.283.3199 for more information on everything they rent out plus the programs they put on including deep sea fishing and kayaking.