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Berg-Liles Dining Hall

The Berg-Liles Dining Facility is dedicated to serving the best food in ACC. Berg-Liles offers a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta, breads, and top quality meat. The staff is dedicated to serving you the finest food available in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

Essential Station Messing (ESM) Members

Most enlisted personnel who reside in the dorms are meal card holders. Meal card holders are referred to as ESM customers. ESM customers are the primary customers of the dining facility.

ESM Forums

Quarterly, a ESM forum is held to voice concerns, requests, and make suggestions to the Food Service Operation. Each squadron is invited to send a representative to participate in these forums.


Planning a formal dine-in meeting or event? Click on the link to reserve a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting. Plan accordingly, space is limited. Allow 24 to 48 business hours to confirm a reservation.

Click here for Reservations

Note: Please refer to AFI 34-239, attachment 13, for a listing of personnel authorized to eat in the dining facility.

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Hours & Phone


Breakfast: 0600-0800
Lunch: 1100-1300
Dinner: 1700-1900
Midnight Meal (Grab and Go only): 2300-0100

Weekend/Holiday Hours
Brunch: 0700-1300
Dinner: 1700-1900
Midnight Meal (Grab and Go only): 2300-0100

(850) 283-2239


230 E MINNESOTA AVE Tyndall AFB, FL 32403