Inspiration in Motion” is a program that focuses on motivation and inspiring young minds through the use of art, centered around skateboard design and visual arts.

The program is a 2-day seminar/instruction for students, ages 6-18. Mr. Mark Rivard, who runs a private art gallery and studio space and creator/visionary behind “Inspiration in Motion” will conduct the seminars. He has shown his work globally and has been involved in internationally recognized projects.

You will create a design and artwork on the deck of a skateboard.

Please note the truck and wheels are NOT included.  The art program is focused on the design and art of skateboards.

Class for Ages 6-13 :  10am-12am, 25th and 26th
* children under the age of 9yrs. must have a parent present!

Class for Ages 14-18: 2pm-4pm, 25th and 26th.

MUST PAY AND RSVP by July 21st. With the Arts & Crafts Center