Thinking of becoming a club member? That’s a smart choice. Check out all the benefits:

10% Off FSS purchases/rentals:
-Arts & Crafts framing, engraving, and non-contract classes
-Auto Hobby Oil change services
-Youth Activities open Recreation program fees, trips, sports registration, and non-contract classes
-Food at FSS Eateries (Tyndall Clubs, Raptor Lanes Bowling Center, and Beacon Beach Marina Club)
-Outdoor Recreation equipment rentals, boats, and organized trips
-Pool admission (includes annual pass)
-Outdoor Recreation RV & boat storage lot fees

Discounts cannot be combined with other offers
Exceptions: ITT tickets, alcohol, contract programs/services, child care, after school program fees, and Beacon Beach Marina Club storage/slips)

Free Club breakfast buffet the 1st Wed of every month

FSS Meal Deal card (buy nine meals, get one meal  free at ANY FSS eatery. Excludes DFAC/RQT)

$2 off Club catered events

Marina Club membership reduced to $5 a month ($3 discount)

Free resale lot space (free for first 30 days)

Waived membership dues for deployed Airmen

Birthday Meal Coupon ($10 value for use in the month of
your birthday)

Eligible for AF Clubs Scholarship Program


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