2019 Tyndall AFB Memorial Day Hours

For the upcoming 325 FW Down Day, Friday 24 May, and Memorial Day, on Monday 27 May, please see the following areas/sections that will be either CLOSED, OR may have minimal manning for customer service.

Security Forces Squadron

The following are the entry access gates and hours:
–  Airey Gate:  OPEN 24/7 for access to the South side of the installation (for access to the BX, gym, etc.)
–  Tyndall Gate:  OPEN 24/7 for access to the North side of the installation.
–  Tyndall Elementary School Gate:  CLOSED 24 & 27 May 19.
–  Sabre Gate: OPEN from 0600 to 2200 daily.  Only the housing areas will be accessible through this gate.  All Housing area residents, moving companies, BBC workers, construction workers, etc., will use the Sabre Gate if trying to get to the housing area of base.  You will not be required to show identification and oversized vehicles will not be required to be searched. Individuals can come and go as required during the gate hours.  If you need to access the south side main base or north side main base, you will be required to show a DOD ID, CAC, or Tyndall DBIDS card and enter through Airey or Tyndall Gate.

Contractors, visitors, etc., requiring access:
–  Pass and Registration/Visitor Control Center:  CLOSED 24 & 27 May 19.
–  Cleveland Gate (Commercial Vehicle Search Gate):  OPEN 24 & 27 May 19, 0600-1730
Please call 850-283-COPS with any law enforcement questions/concerns.

Force Support Squadron

Below are the hours of operation/location for activities on 23 & 27 May 19:

– Airman & Family Readiness Center:– CLOSED.  ON-CALL POC is Mr Charlie Carr (850) 866-7530
– ON CALL Casualty POC is Ms Alicia Gibbons (850) 527-4298
– Arts and Crafts: CLOSED
– Auto Hobby Shop: CLOSED
– Base Training Office: CLOSED
– Berg-Liles Dining Facility: OPEN, 0700-0900, 1100-1300, 1700-1900
– Bowling Center (Raptor Lanes): CLOSED
– Child Development Center: CLOSED
– Civilian Personnel Office: CLOSED
– Education Office: CLOSED
– FamCamp Office: OPEN to Tyndall Permanent Party ONLY, Office CLOSED
– Family Care Coordinator Office: CLOSED
– Fitness Center: CLOSED, 24/7 FITNESS ACCESS (Weekend hours remain the same, 0800-1700)
– Installation Personnel Readiness (IPR): CLOSED
– Library: CLOSED
– Lodging: Reception desk, 24/7
– NOTE: No housekeeping services 24-27 May; emergency maintenance is available, call Lodging Front Desk
– Manpower Office: Open 0700-1300 FRIDAY; CLOSED MONDAY
– Military Personnel Flight: CLOSED
– NAF Human Resources Office:
– Official Mail Center (OMC): CLOSED
– Oasis Sports Lounge: CLOSED (23-27 May)
– Outdoor Recreation: OPEN
– Raptor Refuel: CLOSED
– RRRP Recycle: CLOSED
– Studio TY/FSS Marketing: CLOSED
– Youth Center: CLOSED
– USPS (Post Office): CLOSED

Medical Group 

For Family Day, Friday, 24 May:  Medical Group Acute Care Clinic (Bldg 1465A):  0730 – 1130 – walk in only for active duty

All other services are CLOSED.  Please call 911 for assistance.
For Memorial Day, 27 May, ALL Medical Group services and clinics are CLOSED.  Please call 911 for assistance.
Normal hours of operations for active duty personnel begin again on 28 May:

– Medical Group Acute Care Clinic (Bldg 1465A):  0730-1130 – walk in only for active duty
– Mental Health (Bldg 1309):  0730 – 1630 – appointment or walk in for active duty only
– Satellite Pharmacy:  CLOSED
– Dental Clinic (Bldg 1465):  0730-1630 – appointment or emergency walk-in for active duty only
– Lab (bldg. 1465-A):  0730-1500 – walk in for all DoD ID card holders
– Radiology (Bldg 1465):  0730-1600 – walk in or appointment for all DoD ID card holders
– Pharmacy (Bldg 1465 Main Clinic):  0800-1500 for all DoD ID card holders

Members can bring paper prescriptions from an off-base provider or they can bring their current bottle/package to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled.  If a member is given a new prescription from a Tyndall provider, they will not have to bring anything to the pharmacy.

Logistics Readiness Squadron 

For the 24 May Down Day and Memorial Day, all LRS services are CLOSED with the following modified services, hours, and contact information:
– Vehicle Operations: STAND-BY ONLY, for movement requirements (off-base shuttle, etc.)  please call (850) 832-2248
– Vehicle Maintenance:  STAND-BY ONLY, for mobile or general purpose maintenance requirements (dead battery, etc.)  please call (850) 832-2271
– TMO: STAND-BY ONLY, for Personal Property & Passenger Travel  please call (757) 849-2356, and for Cargo Operations call(850) 630-2508
– Base Service Station and Fuel Support:  Continued 24/7 operations, please direct questions and concerns to the Fuels Service Center at (757) 604-7065
– Materiel Management: STAND-BY ONLY, for any supply needs that cannot until the next business day please call (850) 628-4144

Civil Engineering Squadron

–  Fire Dept operating normal 24/7 hours.  They can be reached at (850) 283-4777 or 911 for emergencies.
–  The 24/7 CES Customer Service line is available at (850) 283-4949
–  Dorm Management Office will be CLOSED for resident issues on 24 and 27 May
NOTE: Traditional dorm rooms  are not available.  All available dorm rooms now used for contingency housing
–  The Housing Management Office (located in B1052–collocated with the Dorm Management Office)will be CLOSED on 24 and 27 May

Communications Squadron

All Comm Squadron activities are CLOSED on 24 & 27 May 19.

All Comm Squadron activities are CLOSED on 24 & 27 May 19.

– Standby Phone (850) 896-1851
– Contact CFP Standby phone for COMSEC/Wing Cyber Security Office or afterhours concerns.
NOTE:   The CFP still handles all mobile device issues as well as SIPR token functions

COMSEC/Wing Cyber Security Office: Normal hours of operation return on 28 May,  0730-1630  in Bldg. 817, room 140

Contracting Squadron

– Contracting:  Standby only.  Standby contact through Command Post (850) 283-2155

NOTE: Contractors are required to follow the terms of their contract and are not relieved of work by the Government on ACC Down days or Holidays
unless specifically stated in their contracts.

Comptroller Squadron and Wing Staff Agencies will be CLOSED on 24 and 27 May

–  Command Post:  24/7 hours of Operation. Contact (850) 283-2155
–  SARC:  Standby contact Crisis Action Line (850) 625-1231
–  Chaplains:  Standby Contact (850) 624-3803
–  Safety:  CLOSED.  Standby Contacts:  Ground (850) 774-4321, Flight (850) 774-4966, Weapons (850) 774-4964
–  Public Affairs:  CLOSED.  Standby contact through Command Post
–  JA:  CLOSED.  Normal hours of operation return on 28 May (0800-1530) Office number:  (850) 283-8149
–  Comptroller:  CLOSED


Commissary Store Hours and operating days:
Sunday: 0900 – 1700
Monday: CLOSED (Normal closure day)
Tuesday: 0900-1800
Wednesday: 0900 – 1800
Thursday: 0900 – 1800
Friday: 0900-1800
Saturday: 0900-1800