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Studio TY Graphics & Printing

For all your graphic and printing needs….we have you covered!


Get the professional look and have StudioTY make your business cards. 100 cards for only $15, you cannot beat that price. Two sided cards are also available.

  • 100 Cards. . . $15.00
  • 250 Cards. . . $35.00
  • 500 Cards. . . $45.00

**Business card prices are for “print ready” designs only. If a custom design is required, an additional design fee will be added.**


For all your printing and copying needs we have you covered. Color printing for the low cost of only .30 cents. Two sided printing is also available.
If it is a fancy paper you are looking for we also have a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

Have to start your course 15? We can print the books for you. $65 will get you all the books you need.

  • 8.5×11 COLOR Copy . . . $0.30
  • 8.5×11 B&W Copy . . . . $0.10


Have an idea, but have no design skills…well we got you covered! StudioTY can help you design that perfect invitation, certificate, or even going away gift.
For only $30 per hour we can design you something everyone will be jealous of.

Need your design in a hurry? StudioTY charges a rush fee of $30 if you need your design and print within 1-3 days.


Have something you need laminated? Starting at $2 per foot we can laminate up to 28 inches wide. We also have pouch lamination for those smaller jobs.

StudioTY also has mounting on foam board.


If a poster or banner is what you need we can print it.
From banners 2 feet wide and up to 6 feet long.

Want to give a photo quality present? You can add photo quality paper for an upgrade of $1.50 per foot.

  • Poster (24 x 36). . . $27.00
  • Poster (18 x 24). . . $16.00
  • Banner (2 ft x 5 ft). .$40.00



Need to study for your next rank? Well we have you covered. We can print your PDG study guide today!
Printing is done in black and white, but can be printed in color for an extra fee.

Course 15

Do you dislike reading the Course 15 books online? Well, we can help. StudioTY prints the Course 15 books.

Hours & Phone

Monday – Friday
1 – 4 p.m.

(850) 283-2230

Artwork Tips

At StudioTY, we want to provide you with the highest quality product possible. But high quality printing is not possible when you begin with low quality artwork.

300 dpi is the GOAL! – Resolution MATTERS!

“dpi” stands for “dots(pixels) per inch”. If your image is 300dpi or higher then your prints will turn out just fine. For example, if you have an emblem that you need printed 3″ wide, then your artwork should be at least 900px wide. Remember, just because it looks great on your monitor, doesn’t mean it will look great when you print it. Try zooming into your images to see what the quality is really like.


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